About Us

“Chimp Tribe – the ethical fashion company, we endear to play up the fashion-spunk, and so expect us to enthral you with a plethora of new product sections in the coming times. “

Est. 2017

Our Story

Chimp Tribe is not just a name but a commitment to render a collection of funny and quirky printed t-shirts that will never fail to leave a smile on your face. Thank you for stopping by us, and scrolling through our catalogue of vivid ideas and characteristics. We have just the hand-picked classy offerings to suit your distinct liking, and that’s exactly what makes us special. We can’t be happier than this to be able to help you pick and choose something that seems like your reflection in one way or the other… Yay! We love to twerk & celebrate everything because our pride is in the smiles and happiness that we spread across our valued patrons like you…

We, at the Chimp Tribe, strive to keep the inquisitiveness and enthusiasm in our brand alive & kicking just like Chimpanzees, our closest known ancient ancestors who are emotionally & socially relatable to us. They’re perky and love twerking too…And so, to take this legacy of flamboyant spirit forward, we bring to you the effervescent one-stop marvel label – the Chimp Tribe! The name that sets you free to believe in what you want… The brand captures timeless modernism. Our fabric, we swear by it, is the finest of the quality that makes it worth every penny you spend to buy it. Find yourself some eccentric fast-fashion clothing and statement accessories with a hint of comfort and affordability at the Chimp Tribe.

What Makes ChimpTribe Special?

Our exquisite design & nonpareil merchandise tap well with the smart and informed generation of today that loves experimenting & coining its unapologetic, idiosyncratic style league.

So, keep celebrating and twerking with us..:)